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1911 c.) TRUE TACTICAL (Full Size) Magwell Cut CF

$49.99 $59.99

Made of Real 3K Aerospace carbon fiber twill

With a Stipped texturing (Similar to Pumice) that provides amazing "GRAB" to give you an unbelievable feeling of control, and still feels Very Comfortable in the palm of your hand. Perfect for competition shooting!

Will fit Full Size 1911 COLT, KIMBER, SPRINGFIELD, SIG SAUER, RIA + Government models + CLONES!

**Available in Black CF, Bronze CF, Silver Metallic CF, Blue CF, Red CF & Green KEVLAR (Pls specify COLOR below)

**Pls specify if you need the Ambi-Safety Cutout

**Pls Specify what COLOR Grips? & Do you need the Ambi-Safety Cut?

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